Adfoldam Auto service is a subsidiary of Adfoldam Nigeria Enterprises Limited. That deals with repair and maintenance of automotive.

It’s an indigenous organization that knows the effect of what improper maintenance and repair have caused so many vehicles abandoned and the increase of auto accident in the country. Our research has showed that the neglect of professionalism to do proper diagnose before carrying out any repair have caused lots of damages.

It obvious that the purchase of a vehicle is an important investment and like any investment, it should be protected. ADFOLDAM AUTO SERVICE, assures you of peace of mind and protects your investment with the most comprehensive Service, Preventive Maintenance & Repair Package available in ADFOLDAM AUTO SERVICE.

Our specialization are BMW, BENZ, TOYOTA AND HONDA products with manufactural specification of preventive maintenance service and repair and we have a standard workshop to carry out any major or minor repair within a stipulated time frame.

We take care of everything. From preventative maintenance, to dealing with wear-and-tear, to mechanical repair.

  • Our service is fully guaranty based on our specialization
  • Our pricing is always competitive and transparent, and we only do work that you actually need.
  • We do it right the first time, or we’ll make it right.
  • Our maintenance service is more than changing oil filter & oil alone. It cut across different type of maintenance schedule e.g Maintenance 1, Maintenance 2, Maintenance 3 & Maintenance 4. All these will depend on KM the engine has ran.
  • We follow factory-recommended maintenance standards
  • Our spares are genuine and labour force are well equipped and trained.

Vehicle maintenance is more than just oil changes and wheel alignments. ADFOLDAM AUTO SERVICE offers an extensive Manufacturer’s recommended Checks and Services for all vehicle we are specialized at, which keeps it running at its optimal level at all times.

To get more details or to understand what simply make an appointment and discuss the details of what you need from ADFOLDAM AUTO SERVICE representative.

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